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CovidClaw Tool – The Hand Hygiene Anodized Aluminum Touchless Keychain Tool – Great for Door Opening and Closing, Button Pushing, Sinks, Elevators, Gas Stations, Toilets, Etc.
  • A WHOLE NEW WORLD - The NEW normal requires everyone to use good hygiene for your hands. Our patent pending design is the most versatile design to not touch surfaces. Fits easily on your keychain so you can take it wherever you go easily. Includes keychain ring for attachment to your existing keychain. Never leave home without it. Our strong design WILL NOT break like other more flimsy designs made from metal, wood and plastic.
  • ANODIZED ALUMINUM – Viruses live on anodized aluminum for a similar amount of time as brass or other anti-microbial metals. This tool is easy to clean with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
  • STAY INFECTION FREE - Reduces your chance of infection drastically. You never know who was there just before you or even hours before you. Public places are a scary place and this tool gives you confidence of self-protection.
  • PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED - This hand hygiene tool was designed by award winning engineers to be the smallest and most versatile non-touch tool. In fact, our design is so unique it is patent-pending. Weighing only 2 ounces our light weight design is versatile and easy to carry with you everywhere. Get yours today.
  • UNLIMITED USES - So many uses. Gas stations, grocery stores, banks, bathrooms, elevators, kitchens, restaurants, buses, trains, airplanes, atm machines, moving chairs, button pushing, water coolers, toilet seats, holding grocery bags etc.. Works on many but NOT ALL touch screens.