COVID-19 Essentials pop-up offers in-demand supplies for pandemic in one place


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COVID-19 essentials. No, we’re not about to list off a bunch of items. COVID-19 Essential is the name of a new pop-up store in Aventura. Good timing, huh? Well, we checked in for a visit.

Signage of the times. COVID-19 essentials is now open on the second floor of Aventura Mall.

Nadav Benimetzky, COVID-19 Essentials: “Anything that’s COVID-19 related, we have it.”

Nadav Benimetzky: “The demand was there. Everybody was kind of looking for masks and sanitizers and anything to do with COVID.”

But before you even enter the store, you’re scanned — like, in a cool, high-tech way.

Nadav Benimetzky: “We partnered up with Kent Security for the thermal imaging camera that we have in the front that literally detects the heat of your body.”

It even knows whether you’re wearing a face mask.

Hili Hazan, shopper: “Wow!”

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